David Graham Watkins. Paintings

Paintings and other works by David Graham Watkins, Painter from Wales, UK.
This Website is always a continuous construction and will therefore change as it evolves. I am sometimes a reluctant artist and will, at absolutely nothing....except think about my next route....The art I am making at the moment is something that I have titled....'Earth' paintings....made of the earth itself with plant life , sand and other elements related to the Earth...they are to me a slice of time and place, captured and held captive by the canvas....via the paint of course......once the acrylic paint has dried it will remain in place....unlike its previous life of being blown around...or washed away...or dug over....or any of those things that make the surface of our planet transient. I use a lot of plastic netting in my 'Earth' paintings....originally to help bind the work...though the netting has become a metaphor about the current problems of discarded these nets of plastic now seem to envelop the sand and paint instead of being a method of binding the it seems to trap it. These ‘earthy' paintings are not an attempt to warn about pollution or in particular plastic pollution...though one cannot now remove oneself from that train of thought. I use texture and colour and make these things...and I‘ve tried give the earthy bits a victory over the plastic bits for me...they honour the Earth...and everything in it.

DW March 2018