February 2016.

Working on a new set of 'Earth ' Paintings using material from the planet as well as the Acrylic Paint that we, who live on this planet makes.....generally in China.

I am currently working on 4 medium size paintings....using sand....and other raw materials.....when finished they will be displayed on this site. I know the site has been quiet for some time....but thats because I've been busy elsewhere. I know I have a few dedicated users of this site.....and this info therefore is primarily for you. I'll try to keep up with a Blog.....once I learn how to Master it !! DW

September 2016. Still working on the 'Earth' Paintings, once finished they shall be displayed here. I am at present working on a painting using land, and found items from Catalonia........near San Pere Pescador........and near and from the ancient Greek and Roman Port of Nepalis....or Empurius.......It is here that Christianity entered Spain via this Roman Port.