David Watkins ' About Me and My Art. '

About Me and About My Art.

The Paintings are the result of different stimuli. They can be a Deconstruction and Reconstruction of the landscape, or they can exist through a more direct response to the things that I see, feel, hear and know. They may be figurative, or abstraction, landscape based, memory influenced or spiritually influenced.
They can also be a more direct result of simple observation, or the product of an inner vision that determines only the beginning of a piece of work, as the act of Drawing and Painting will then direct its own course as a piece of work develops toward completion.
Painting, for me, can be all these things.
Sometimes Painting, unlike most of my drawings, can often be far removed from any purely visual stimulus; instead the Paintings exist through an emotion or experience or memory that suggests either a complete image, or at least a fragment of an idea. Embracing all of these things as a starting point, I work towards producing a visual interpretation of my thoughts, emotions, experiences and existence. Very often the Painting becomes the Painter, as the emerging image entices, guides, and on demands and instructs me, the Painter, as its source of completion.
The Drawings are more or less all based on something I've seen or visited. I aim to create an 'feeling' of the place, a sense of what it is , rather than an accurate and technical drawing. I also like using felt pen which almost forces one to make an accurate mark. This instant line is something that I like, something that visually excites me and allows me to explore my own natural style of drawing.
The Photographs are what they are, I like to capture the image that my eye locks on to. and recognises as an exciting photograph, for me at least.