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Paintings etc

DW this is fantastic stuff...well impressed...Gerwyn.

Eccentric website - Brilliant !!

Website is very good and different.


Hi Dave

Viewed your artwork this morning and must commend you on the quality of your work!

Is any of it for sale?

Particularly liked the Italian architecture stuff.

Best wishes

David Rees


Hi, David, really enjoyed looking around your website. Love 'Victoria Street'. See you soon x G
Gaynor Russ

Blast From The Past

Howdy Dave,

I get kind of homesick for Wales pretty often so I was surfing around idle like when I came across this link to URDA. I thought I'd drop a line and see how you were doing. Reasonably well from what I can see on the site.

As for me, I'm in a kind of forced semi-retirement. The challenges of getting a band together on a regular basis in the so called Live Music Capitol of the World have become too much monkey business.

Having said all that, I'm in "pre-production" on a final album. I've come across some seriously great players in the last couple of years who like what I do. I've got some songs left I never recorded and a couple that I've done before but have reworked. I hope to go into the studio the first of the year.

Anyway, I hope all is well with you and yours. Please give my regards to any of the guys you run across.

All the best,
Steve Powell (Power)

Ceret, France Painting Holidays.

Ceret, France Painting Holidays.

Information received from Anthony Poulter, an Artist living and working in San Pere Pescador , Catalonia, near the French border. He organizes and directs Painting and Sketching Holidays near the beautiful Bay of Rosas. Visit his Website for further info at

Hi David,
On Saturday going to take a small group to Ceret for the day to sketch & paint. We're going to add this trip to the painting holidays itinerary for next year - hope you will be able to join us.

Website & content

We absolutely love the website as well as the content so far exhibited - more please, especially the lovely drawings you did this summer and the paintings you have on the other website. :)
ps. Tony will be in contact again soonish
Wendy Poulter


"Wow what fantastic work, refreshing and vibrant. Looking forward to seeing more. :)"
Helen Wigley


Great work so far, looking forward to seeing more, nice one Dave :)
Karen Jenkins


Love the paintings. !!!

Love it!

great stuff Dai!!! - u r a very talented guy
Jimmi Sparkle


Love the website DW, brilliant work! Thanks for sharing.

will it work

just finding out if it will work